Interview of Sami Sauri : GP-1200 and various life advices.

French translation : Pour tous ceux qui auraient eu tendance à un peu trop sécher les cours d’anglais, retrouvez l’interview traduite en français sur ce lien.

Sami Sauri

If you’re a little bit interested in cycling travels or cycling movies, chances are that you’ve already crossed the path of Sami Sauri on your online journey : spanish producer and photographer, her content is all over the internet.

Sami just released her latest film GP-1200, a film following Jack Thomson, who cycled 1 200km in 56 hours to raise awareness on mental health issues and illnesses, and to remind us that #itsoktonotbeok.

We were lucky enough to have a chat with her so we could learn more about the project and the creative process, but also to gather some valuable advices for us, the Rookies.

Photo : Jack Thomson by Sami Sauri – GP-1200

Firstly : who are you ?
I am Sami Sauri, I currently live in Girona, Spain. I do quite a few things: I have a full time job as a community manager for Komoot, I work as a producer for brands and athletes and i also as a hobby film or sometimes take stills.
Ah wait ! We can’t forget I ride bikes ! As much as I can ! haha

What appealed you in cycling when you started, that still appeals you today ?
Well that’s an easy answer, I always find myself cycling as a way to explore not just my town, the place i’m living or surroundings but the world through my own force. It’s just the perfect escape.

What does the word “Rookies” inspire you ?
I’ve been and I am a rookie. I always think that every day you learn a new thing in life, so probably because of that I sill can be a rookie on many things.
I remember my first ever red hook crit, that was a racing rookie moment. I couldn’t breath (it was also because of fever) but it was soooo funny finding myself suffering so much. It was a rookie move that I’ll always remember.

What is the advice you wished you knew earlier in cycling ? 
Maybe that cycling sometimes requires a bit of consistency and of discipline.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received ?
If your house is arranged and clean, your life will be arranged and pretty.

Photo : Jack Thomson by Sami Sauri – GP-1200

Tell us about your film “GP-1200” : 
As a female producer and filmmaker within the adventure sports world, last year I undertook one of my most challenging and rewarding projects yet, an incredible journey with my good friend and Ultra Cyclist, Jack Thompson.
I first met Jack in Girona late in 2019 where he was touring his first film ‘The Grand Tours Everesting Project.’ His bold and ambitious plans opened my eyes towards this new and exciting project, GP-1200.
Jack is a mental health advocate and highlights a very powerful message through his crazy ventures, that message being that, #itsoktonotbeok . Paired with his passion for cycling and his absolute lack of ‘limits’ made for a perfect character and a perfect adventure. In early October, 2019, we set off from Girona, Spain on a non stop journey, to Caramulo, Portugal.

What does this project represent for you ? 
It represents my first full short movie, directed, filmed, edited and produced by myself. It’s important and exciting because it was a challenge : the journey itself but the post-production also. I am proud of the message we are delivering with it. Especially in these times.

What was your best and worst memory while making this movie ?
Best one : the moment we crossed the Portuguese frontier.
The worst one : the lack of sleep we had ! haha

Tell us about #itsoktonotbeok : is unhappiness or depression something you’ve encountered many times in cycling ?
This is something that Jack could answer better than I, but I encounter this quite a lot, and I think athletes have similar feelings, because of the ups and downs sports give you.

Photo : Jack Thomson taking a power-nap, by Sami Sauri – GP-1200

What are your future projects ?
I have something coming up with Jack again and Wahoo. I also do need to finish a beautiful short documentary I did for my friend Hillary Allen, and maybe when this lock down ends, I’ll start some other filming projects that I have in mind.

If you had one advice to share with the Rookies ?
Be yourself and ride a lot!

Watch Sami Sauri’s « GP-1200 » here : 

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